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Lockdown Deal

As a part of our Lockdown deals we are offering our 3 day package at reduced rate. Thank you to the Hot 919 team for their proficient work and their excellent execution looking forward to working with them again. To sign up for the Lock down Package-

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Our wood working section in our new premises is now open for members to use. Currently the machines available at the new premises is the new large format panel saw. The thickness-er and the vertical band saw. Coming soon to the space: Our CNC Router and the A-frame laminating wall.

News letter to our members 


I clearly remember writing a post 2 months ago where I was excited at the prospect of opening the largest co-working workshop and makerspace in South Africa. A Manufacturing and prototyping mecca. Wow things have changed, and we must change with it. So, what are we doing? We move into level 3 Lockdown; we are starting to get a picture of what is happening in the rest of 2020. People want to start working again! We want to provide a safe space for all our members to work. All manufacturing has resumed.  We are still going to move, but in stages rather than all at once. Last week we received delivery and commissioned our 45-ton Ironworker as well as our Section bender in our current premises (65 Maria Street, Fontainebleau). We at MIW are excited to be able to provide these machines to our current and prospective members as well as see what new products and projects our customers can now create. Our new premises will begin with the installation of our new heavy-duty panel saw, Planner/thickness-er and vertical band saw. This should happen during the first few weeks of June. Although not ideal, the splitting of the workshop will make sure that there is limited or no downtime of workshop operations and will allow customers to continue their use of the facilities. We look forward to seeing our new woodworking section up and running at our new facility by the end of June. I would like to thank Tim Gilbert and Value Logistics for all their hard work and diligence during this difficult time.



We have decided to run two workshops.  The new workshop will be our primary wood workshop.  The new panel saw, thickness-er/planer, vertical band saw, and associated dust extraction equipment will be installed.  The CNC router will soon join them.

The other workshops at the new premise are being prepped as we speak for the rest of the equipment to move in.

Why the delay in moving the whole workshop over? COVID delays.

This is the story we have all heard over the past few months.

  1. The transfer of the property was delayed.
  2. The delivery of the new machines was delayed.
  3. Trying to keep the workshop operating under new and certainly interesting rules and


We have chosen a strategy that will ensure limited or no down time in workshop operations.


We hope to see all our members in the workshop and staying safe.






Henry Levine

CEO Made In Workshop





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