• R1199-00 Vat Inclusive
  • Includes elbow length welders gloves
  • 1 day pass to MIW.


Welding 101

Our welding 101 is designed to introduce the concept of welding to the  user.  In this class the user will learn how:

  1. Setup and operate the Made In Workshop MIG Welder.
  2. Learn the theory behind welding.
  3. Learn and PRACTICE welding technique.
  4. Understanding metal prepartion.
  5. Learn the spot welder.
  6. Get an introduction to the Iron Worker, horizontal band saw and cut off saw.

This course is a half course.  It does include 1 day free access to made in workshop so that the user may practice the skills aquired during this class.   After all Welding is PracticePracticePractice.   We include a compulsory pair of elbow length welding gloves.   Masks used during the class are santised and may not shared and are returned to MIW to be sanitised.

**Please note that this class is not a tradesman qualification.