General Questions

How long do I have to use the days I purchased?

The days purchased are valid for 4 months from the day of purchase.   They can be used by any person authorised by the purchasing party.

Are materials provided?

We do have some materials for sale on our online store and through counter sales.     Waste material that is collected from users is available free of charge from our scrap piles.

Does Made In Workshop have insurance?

Made in Workshop has comprehensive insurance?

What can I not make?

Guns, firearms, rifles, accessories for rifles and guns.   NO firearms of any sort.   No accessories either.  It is illegal.

You can manufacture knifes, swords etc.

Hogging the machine

Made in workshop has a fair use policy with regards to machine usage.    We are still figuring this one out so we use our digression at the time to determine if a person is hogging a machine, space etc.

We will be implementing a booking system later on.

Is training compulsory fro certain machines?

Yes.   Some of the machines can be very dangerous if operated unsafely.    We have courses that can be purchased online to train users on how to use the machines.

I already know how to use your machinery. Do I have to still pay for training?

Of course not.  But you do have to prove safe operation to us.   We levy a deposit that is refundable upon proof of safe operation.   We charge the levy to insure that we have no chancers.    Certification certificates often are not proof.

Can I store my projects at Made In Workshop

We offered basic storage in our store room.   All materials/tools must fit in a “Big Jim" plastic box.    Please note.   There are certain materials/tools that we will not store.     Please ask for the latest list.   It is a short one.

What etiquette is expected?

Dress code with regards to safety must be obeyed.   IE no slip slops when you are going to weld.

Be respectful of fellow members.   Do not disturb them when they are machining or working.   In either words they are in the zone.

Clean up once you are finished and return the tools back to the reception area.

Respect the fair use policy with regards to machine use.

Will I be allowed to use the machine if I am not certified.

In short. No.   It is just unsafe to let untrained persons use some of the equipment.