Welcome to Made In Workshop

This is the space for individuals and corporates to make, create and innovate. Turn what’s in your imagination into reality. Our playground is equipped with every type of tool and machine needed to manufacture, prototype, rebuild and tinker. From the latest computer-controlled equipment (CNC) to hammers and chisels we’ve got what you need to go from beginning till the end and best of all no one will complain about you making a mess, getting your hands dirty or your incessant loud banging.

Nothing is conventional!

We’re the first of our kind in South Africa. An open-access workshop with an impressive range of professional equipment and facilities for your innovation and experimentation. With unlimited coffee and high-speed internet access at your disposal, our space offers you the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment where you can bounce ideas off other members, gain inspiration and advice to ensure that you have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.