What is Made In Workshop?

Made In Workshop is  a pay per day membership based fabrication studio and makerspace.   A gym full of tools and machines.

Get access to CNC industrial tools and machines, laser cutters, 3D printers and electronic workstations at an affordable daily rate

An outsourced workshop

Managing a workshop is a costly exercise. Not only is there the cost of procuring machinery, there is the cost of running and not to mention the rental cost of the workshop itself. All these costs can add up to a significant monthly expense.  Made in Workshop is a pay per day membership based fabrication studio and makerspace.

Industrial Machines
CNC plasma cutter, laser cutter, CNC vertical machining centre, welding facilities, 3D printers, engine lathe and mill.
Training and classes
We provide classes and training on the safe use of all the machinery offered in our workshop. Classes are offered on an either per user or group basis.
Workshop and office facilities
Serviced workshop with compressed air, 3 phase electricity hand tools and space to use them. We also provide back office facilities along with high speed internet.
Prototyping, CNC and CAM software.
licenced Computer aided manufacturing (CAM), Computer numerical control (CNC) and other design software is available for user projects and products.