The workshop is 370 square meters with 100 amp 3 phase electricity and compressed air. Workshop space is strategically divided up between personal work areas and dedicated machine areas. Areas such as welding areas contain steel work tables and air lines. To get away from the noise and dust we have a quiet area where members can enjoy unlimited coffee and internet.


CNC Router

The Omni would be just a normal traditional CNC router but with the addition of HCL’s Camworks post processor the Omni is now capable of 2D and 3D machining. Not just straight forward cutting, but the delicate machining of 3D features such as fillets and other complicated geometry.


CNC Machining Center

The XH7132 is a high precision full 3 axes vertical machining center with a GSK control system.  It is not limited to machining only metals such as aluminum and steel but also soft materials such as plastics and wood.   Specialised cutters such as face mills and chamfer cutters are included however HSS end mills, drill bits are excluded. They may be purchased from us in our store.



Our GHK-1640 engine lathe is equipped with a Ne-wall digital readout, flood coolant and power feeds on the X and Y axis. Distance between centers, 1500 mm with 410 meter swing.   Accessories available are 3 and 4 jaw chuck, face plate, live center, dead center and steady stock.


Knee Mill

With table size of 250 by 1370mm, the mill machine can make short work of any manual machining and drilling job. Like our lathe the Mill is also equipped with A newall Digital Readout, flood coolant and power feeds on all 3 axis. .



We are equipped with MIG, TIG and Spot welders housed in an isolated environment for safety.   Welding masks and welding jackets are available. Gloves also but we suggest members purchase their own as it is not one size fits all.


Laser Cutting

Cut, engrave and score MDF, acrylic and plywood etc.     180 watts of laser power spread over 1.6 by 1.3 meters. The cutting bed is large enough to accept an entire sheet of material without the headache of having to cut the material to fit the machine.


3D Printing Farm

Up to 15 3D printers available over a networked environment.  Multiple 3D printers means that there is always going to be a printer available for that one part or multiple parts over multiple printers.