Henry happens

What happened to those plyers you left lying around – the ones you need right this second? Henry happened. What happened to that piece of paper you scribbled all your design notes on? Henry happened.

A shared space like Made In Workshop comes with a bunch of benefits – just read herehere and here to see why. But, with great power comes great responsibility (as they say in the classics) – especially when it comes to keeping things neat ‘n’ tidy.

“Sure, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” says Henry Levine, the guy who runs the show at Made In Workshop. “But when something is left lying around in the makerspace, and it’s not labelled, I’ll throw it out – that’s called ‘Henry happens’.”

Henry compares it to working out. If you were at the gym and then had to go off to Pick n Pay, you would take your towel and water bottle with you; you wouldn’t leave them lying around because you are coming back the next day. It would be put into lost property. Same thing in a shared workshop.

“When new members come in, they’ve got this amazing place to work and create in. I don’t want them to wonder where the hell they’re going to work because the entire workbench is full of stuff that people have left lying around – so that’s why Henry happens from time to time!”

While Henry may have to channel Marie Kondo every now and then (and don’t get him started on his feelings about sawdust – spoiler alert: it doesn’t spark joy), he emphasises that it’s his job to make sure the makerspace is always a clean, pleasant working environment.

So if you’re there, and you can’t find something you swear you saw a second ago – don’t worry, Henry Happened.

Looking for a shared, tidy workshop space?

Contact Made In Workshop on 087 701 4156, or take a look around at 65 Maria Street, Fontainebleau.    

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