We are a Co-working workshop


Made in Workshop
Maker Space

Made In Workshop (MIW) is a shared workshop and fabrication studio. Not just a workshop. Not just a collection of tools and machines. But a community of like minded fabricators, manufacturers and designers. We provide access to tools, machines (CNC) and the space for you to design, build and fabricate your product, project or idea.


What we do

Nothing is conventional! We’re the first of our kind in South Africa. An open-access workshop with an impressive range of professional equipment and facilities for your innovation and experimentation. With unlimited coffee and high-speed internet access at your disposal, our space offers you the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment where you can bounce ideas off other members, gain inspiration and advice to ensure that you have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


A fully serviced
workshop space with
3 phase electricity,
compressed air,
workbenches and
Industrial machinery.


Every tool, machine
and accessory
needed to design and
fabricate. Manual
and CNC machines
for metal, wood and


Providing training and
advice on how to use
the tools as well as the
machinery. Have a
question, ask away.


Fully licensed copies
of CAMWorks,
Sheetcam and other
computer aided
design applications


Access to free, fast
and uncapped Fibre.
The speed is 20
Mbps upload and the
download is 20 Mbps.


Unlimited tea and
coffee to keep you
alert during those
hard days of making.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

At MIW we are very proud of our members and the projects and ideas that come through our doors. With over 500 projects to date and growing daily. Some have said that the number of satisfied members are directly proportional to the cups of coffee consumed (even the cold ones) here at MIW.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Why we are different

When in human history have individuals been able to conceive, design and manufacture an idea in weeks instead of months and years?

MIW is the tool, the location and the solution to that question. We bring prototyping and low volume manufacturing to your doorstep. Small scale manufacturers can now upgrade their manufacturing capabilities without having to incur heavy fixed financial costs. MIW is a service that works in perfect unison with your own business cycle. Whether you produce 1 or 1000 units your the cost of manufacture will be in tune with your own sales stream.

Our clients Latest Work

Our clients use our facilities, tools and machines to create truly spectacular products.

Our Skills

We have the skills and expertise to manage, train and advise on how to use machinery and tools. All members get training on to use the tools and machines. We have always viewed this information as open which encourages members to share with each other.

From Our Clients

“Made In Workshop has allowed me to expand my manufacturing capabilities.  The addition of the CNC router has allowed me to take on bigger projects and more importantly increase my  rate of production on existing products. The environment at MIW is now an important part of my business.”

Theo De Koker

Owner, New Projects

“Manufacturing a new product in a new environment is daunting.   Working with insane deadlines just makes it worse. But not at MIW.  Their manufacturing environment allowed us to complete our first project on time.   They allowed us to work to our own, sometimes very late schedule. Their advice and support were invaluable.   We are continuing forward with new projects at MIW.”

David Flanders

Managing Director, Square One Projects

“I have moved my whole operation into MIW.   They have everything I need to complete my metal working projects. I have a new partner in my business. Not just another service provider.”

Lucky Damaniti

Owner, Technokraft

“Starting a design and manufacturing business is really tough, especially considering the high cost and big space required for specialised machinery. That all changed after we discovered MIW. With their well-equipped workshop, we could expand our capabilities and scale up our production to meet the requirements of our rapidly growing client base.”

Daniel Carstens and Emile Dippenaar

Industrial designers, The Ideamongery