About us

Where it all began

In 2016 Made In Workshop opened its doors with only a small laser cutter, 3D printers and miscellaneous hand tools and machines. As members came and went, Made In Workshop moulded a space that was not only an essential asset to our customers/members it was also their community.
Made In Workshop is not just about the tools and machines.
Made In Workshop is not just about the workspace.
Made In Workshop is the spark of inspiration that is the culmination of tools, machines, workspace and the community that we are creating.

Meet the team

Henry Levine


An ego to own really big machines was probably the real reason Henry started Made In Workshop. I liked the ability to make things that other people would normally purchase. What was better that I could use this ego to help other people and SMEs to start and grow their own businesses. I enjoy being with members, teaching members how to use machines and I also learning from members. Have created form for capture. Will pressure them once I know your time line.

Joshua Lotter

Operations Manager

Cool, calm and collected. As the Operations Manager, I am second in command at MIW. I am involved in managing the operations process, embracing design, planning, performance improvement, and maintaining general operations of the facility as well as the machines. Whether I get a small chuckle or solve bigger problems, I enjoying making a positive impact by helping others around me. Upload a picture of you or your company logo.

Lucky Damaniti


I'm a qualified Welder with more than 10 years experience in the manufacturing industry. I can design and manufacture. In 2016 I started a company called Technokrafts. My company designs and manufacture metal screens, steel structures from a concept to a finished product. I'm a kind patient person who always like to learn new things.

Charlie Swan


Charlie Swan started Kulcha Kollektive 8 years ago with a view to creating locally manufactured content rather than importing goods. Dabbling in Geek, Steampunk, Biker, Alternative & Metalhead cultures, she can bring your ideas to life & offers a wide range of locally manufactured items, specialising in silkscreening and creative custom work to order. 2020 had her teaming up with Made in Workshop which means that she’ll be offering silkscreening classes from 2021 and expanding her scope of work

Trenton Carr


I endeavour to bring interesting industrial and mechanical designs to life by sucking the knowledge out of anyone willing to share at Made in Workshop.

Benjamin Brauer


Software developer turned maker/artist. I enjoy experimenting with mixed media functional art. Working primarily with copper, wood, steel and concrete, I tend towards favouring traditional hand tools and natural methods of preservation, over modern production techniques, in some applications. My hobbies include rock climbing and I am passionate about music and cooking. I look forward to being a part of your "makerspace" journey!