Made In Workshop has big changes coming – 1 100m² of changes, in fact. The makerspace is moving into a new premises that’s almost three times bigger than the current workshop, while close to R1 500 000 has been invested in brand-new, industrial-grade workshop equipment.

“In the new space you can literally make anything – seriously, anything,” says Henry Levine, Made In Workshop’s CEO (and, let’s not forget, Chief Tidiness Officer). “We’re a 100% one-stop shop.”

Along with a sprawling workshop space and an investment injection of tooling, the new premises also boasts an upstairs section that’s totally separate from the workshop, and that’ll serve as a co-working space.

“We have beautiful, dedicated offices where you can run your entire manufacturing business, or any Maker-related business, right from Made in Workshop,” adds Henry.

“These co-working offices are geared towards like-minded Makers, so anyone from industrial designers, mechanical engineers, machinists, hell, even commercial property law attorneys if they want – anyone who has ever wanted to make anything, and who has a passion for the movement – can work from our new premises.”

2020 has got off to a decidedly rocky start, but Made In Workshop’s massive innovation hub is going to unlock South Africa’s Maker potential.


This year, the makerspace is set to be the dominant force in the country’s Maker movement – and, thanks to its abundance of square metres, the new space will be the biggest makerspace in the southern hemisphere.

“It’s going to be a manufacturing Mecca,” adds Henry. “It won’t be a Builder’s Warehouse special; if you have big dreams, and want to play with the big boys – or girls – this is it.” The new makerspace – which will still have more or less the same membership fee structure – comes with a bunch of features, like:

  • Seven studios
  • Four dedicated workshop spaces
    • Metal fabrication workshop
    • Woodworking workshop
    • Engineering workshop
    • Assembly workshop
  • Private storage
  • Spray booth
  • Fully industrial, manufacturing-quality machines
  • Dedicated 460 amps, three-phase power

Just like with the current space, training is available on all the machines, along with plenty of other members who are willing to show you the ropes, or simply bounce ideas off of.

Made In Workshop will still bring prototyping and low-volume manufacturing to your doorstep, and small-scale manufacturers can now upgrade their manufacturing capabilities without having to incur heavy, fixed financial costs.

“Made In Workshop still is – and will continue to be – a service that works in perfect unison with your own business cycle,” says Henry. “Whether you produce one or 1 000 units, the cost of manufacture will be in tune with your own sales stream. That’s what we strive to open up to the Makers of South Africa.”

Henry adds that, in 2020, Made In Workshop aims to unlock the creativity and innovation in South Africa’s Makers.

“The training is available. The state-of-the-art tools are available. A massive workspace is available. You can now run your whole Maker set-up, right from Made In Workshop’s premises. There are no more excuses.”

The new premises, located at 10 Naaf Street, Strydom Park, is currently under construction and is expected to be open to Makers in the next few months – you bet we will keep you updated.

Want to find out more about Made In Workshop and their big changes, or pre-book a space? Contact them on 087 701 4156.