For Brad Johnston, the founder and owner of industrial design consultancy Design For Industry in Lonehill, industrial design is a challenging industry in South Africa – but Made In Workshop is a major boon.

“We’re a consultancy that does product design and prototyping, with a focus on custom designs and niche builds,” says Brad.

Brad adds that Made In Workshop is the ideal facility to do once-off, small-batch projects and prototyping – his company has completed about 10 prototypes in the makerspace at a much lower rate that’s normally associated with prototyping.

“We don’t have to go through a massive engineering company. Not to mention all the other machinery and equipment that is available to us at the workshop,” he adds.

Design For Industry outsources all their manufacturing and they work with a broad range of projects, from 3D printing to furniture design. Brad believes that to be competitive in the industrial design space you can’t just specialise in one area – you need to diversify.

A Dover Simulator created by Brad which was built to train student operators on the mines

“We don’t just focus on product design; we do structural and mechanical design, as well as project management and manufacture. We take the discipline of design into different fields but we keep the same fundamental approach in how we do it,” he explains.

While many people stumble upon Made In Workshop, this time Made In Workshop found Brad.

Henry came across Design For Industry while Googling industrial design. He was very interested in what we were doing and invited me to come along to have a look at the workshop – when I saw it I was sold,” says Brad.

“It is a great place to connect with and learn from people who have specific skill-sets in manufacturing – it’s been hugely beneficial.”

Want to make your own prototypes for a fraction of the cost? Contact Made In Workshop on 087 701 4156, or take a look around at 65 Maria Street, Fontainebleau.