If you grew up in the ‘80s you’ll probably remember spending far too much time at the corner café playing Pac-Man, with a Chappies in your mouth and enough coins jangling in your pocket to at least last a few GAME OVERs.

But since the advent of Nintendo and PlayStation, old-school arcade games have become just another nostalgic childhood memory – except for Steve Pinto, that is.

Steve is the CEO of New Reality, a production company based in Randburg that specialises in virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and video. He’s also one of the okes from Cali4ways – the makers behind the up-and-coming arcade game sensation, Boet Fighter.

Boet Fighter
Boet Fighter

“Boet Fighter is Double Dragon meets Fourways. Because it has that old-school arcade fighter feel to it, what better way to have people play it than on an actual arcade machine?” says Steve.

The plan was to build four arcade machines from scratch but the cost of the machinery, and even to outsource the manufacturing, was going to be through the roof.

“Luckily, a friend of mine saw a post about Made In Workshop on social media and told me to check it out. So I drove there and the next day I started working on the arcade machine,” Steve adds.

As anyone who ever grew up playing arcade games would know, arcade machines are big and really heavy to move around, especially if you need to transport them.  

“I ended up redesigning them into an entirely different style, so each machine would be completely portable and modular. Henry, the owner of Made In Workshop, actually helped me design some of the parts for it. He was always prepared to help – his heart is flipping made of gold.”

Boet Fighter

Using the plasma cutter, CNC  router and Henry’s army of 3D printers, Steve was able to manufacture four arcade machines that could be easily transported to gamers – who’ve only been waiting for a couple of decades to play an arcade game, never mind one made for South Africans, by South Africans.

If you missed Boet Fighter at rAge or Comic Con Africa this year, don’t worry, Steve and Cali4ways are taking the boets on a roadshow to the Jolly Roger in Parkhurst and other pop-up events until December. It’s also scheduled to be released as an app on Steam soon, as well as on Google Play and the App Store.

Want to be part of an amazing makerspace (boets and non-boets equally welcome)? Contact Made In Workshop on 087 701 4156, or take a look around at 65 Maria Street, Fontainebleau.