How does it work?

Made in Workshop has introduced a “Pay per Day" membership model.

In a traditional membership models, customers were being charged for days that they were not using.   They were restricted on how many staff/colleagues they could use on projects with out incurring a whole new membership for each staff member.  The pay per day “membership" has many advantages.

Benefits Include:

No lost days
In a traditional makerspace membership model, memberships are paid a month in advance. This means that a member will loose out if he/she does not come in and use the facilities. The pay per day option means that should a member not come into Made In Workshop he/she will lot loose that day.
Flexible pricing options.
The pay per day billing model is volume based. The more days purchased the cheaper the cost per day becomes. The days purchased are valid for 4 months. The cost for 1 day purchased is significantly more expensive than if say 30 days were purchased.
Multiple users
The days purchased can be used by more than 11 person in an organisation at the same time. Each day purchased is valid for 1 user. So if you need more than 2 users in the workshop. Just use 2 days. Alternatively days may be "gifted" to your friends, colleagues or potential customers who just want to be involved.

How do I sign up?

The pay per day pricing is volume based.  The more days that are purchased the cheaper the daily rate becomes.  A single day will cost R499-00 per day while a set of 30 days will cost R99-00 per day.   Try out the calculator.

Should a member wish to bring a colleague or family member with them, this will cost an additional day.  I.e the cost  for a main member and friend attending Made in Workshop will be 2 days will cost 2 days.

The days purchased must be used with in a 4 month period.  The days do not have to be consecutive.

The maximum amount of days that can be purchased at one time is 30 days.

Cost calculator